i remember one time this dude sent me a shirtless pic with the caption “lol maybe u can save this for a rainy day ;)”

and i was like “for what? to keep me dry? because that’s what it’s doing right now”


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sakuramaboroshi asked → sansa stark or arianne martell

SnkMeme: A r c s
R a i d  o n  S t o h e s s  D i s t r i c t

Twisted 1B in gifs: A character overview











Sloppy Jo









More Korra book signing drawings for friends! 

Legend of One Piece on the top for the awesome Christie Tseng. (the seductive Bolin in front of Zoro/Mako by the amazing Ang Sung!! Sorry my drawing got all up in space..) 

Gundam Tenzincorn on the bottom for the great Niuner AKA William Niu

the best of aalll worlds :D

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ ezra s/s 2014




100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

Which is, ironically, them being oversensitive to criticism.

Literally no one overreacts to things as much as anti-SJWs do

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Artist: 'N Sync

Album: Greatest Hits


Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC












when you feel your clothes fresh out of the oven



Well obviously it wasn’t, but I was also joking (and my tags were as well).

Nothing about your tone implied you were joking but okay. Also if you “joke” at someone in your tags do you not expect them to reply in the same manner? I mean I don’t care either way but I don’t see how someone saying I can’t comprehend simple things is supposed to make me laugh. 

I’m just… 


Maybe I’m missing something (and I’m on my phone so I miss a lot). But I don’t even recall you being in the reply thread, and wasn’t even responding to you. The only thing in your tag was it being a mess, I think? Which made me laugh, because I agreed. The entire post made me laugh, not the least of which was the irony of their mistake - that people really DO dry their clothes in ovens (and I even wrote a separate post about it. With FOND MEMORIES).

You misread my tags, which were more a comment on MY age and a reflection of youth and context, and had nothing, nadda, to do with you.

I don’t have room in life to be nasty to people I follow let alone lie to them about it. Seriously.

Your separate post has nothing to do with this.

You reblogged me. When you reblog someone and then say words like “you all” are they not supposed to think they are being included in that group? This was the comment you made on your reblog.

"You do all realize people used to dry their damp things in ovens though right?" 

Now you are saying it was a joke. Okay that’s fine and it could very well be interpreted as such if it weren’t for the wording which I’ll get to in a minute. 

These were your tags

#Like some of us still don’t have a washer let alone a dryer #Make like it’s a Mad Men thing so you can wrap your mind around it

I did not “misread your tags”. Your post asked a question and the answer to that question is yes, some of us are aware there were various ways to dry clothes. The joke was that she kept saying the wrong word. Your comment makes no sense even if it was a joke because it has nothing to do with what’s actually happening in the post. 

You could have said “Hey we used to use ovens back in my day” but instead you posed it a question with “right” at the end. When has starting a question with "you do realize" and ending it with "right" ever been anything but condescending?

Then the whole defensive "some of us still don’t have a washer or dryer" tag. What else could this possibly mean other than us silly privileged youths think washers and dryers were always the only way to wash and dry clothes? We know. Again this isn’t even relevant to the original post. And the “us” vs “them” (them being the youths) thing you created is argumentative especially leading off of a condescending question. 

Then finally the “pretend it’s like X (X being something modern since we only know about things from 2000 forward apparently) so it’ll be easier for you to get” tag. Do I need to explain why this is makes no sense as  commentary on your age? And if it’s a “reflection of youth” how could it have “nothing, nadda” to do with me when I am part of said youth? Especially after you established this “us vs them” thing with your previous tag and I’m clearly not a part of the “us”? 

So no this is not an issue with me or my reading comprehension. This is an issue with your wording and your tone. If you were joking that’s fine but don’t keep insisting that I don’t understand things. 

You seem to be spoiling for a fight where I’m insulting your reading comprehension, telling you you’re imagining things, and throwing shade in tags.

None of those things happened, nor are they going to happen, because I never spoke to you directly, I replied to the group, a group of about 468,564 and counting, much in the same manner a person talks out loud to themselves in a crowd.

If I had wanted to start shit, I’d have added what I said in tags to my response, because yes, that would’ve completely changed the tone. My tags weren’t for you. It was sarcasm aimed at anyone who couldn’t grasp the truth of my original comment.

You breaking this down stitch by stitch is mind boggling to me, because it’s a refusal to take me at my word that it was not that serious a thing to me when I reblogged. You aren’t some random mutual follow. Clearly an LOL either in the reblog or tags would’ve helped clarify intent, but I’ve said twice, three times now my intent. And at this stage there’s no logic that I can impress you with other than the truth:

I don’t operate that way.

You misunderstood me. Period.

If I dislike a person that much I unfollow them. I don’t waste time performing Aint Shitness through the tags, then wait for a public blowup to sit there and deny it like a punk bitch.

And I don’t walk the earth to conform to your laws of deduction. And I never will. So you can miss me with your broad strokes and continue on your merry way. We’ve both had our say; it was a sad conclusion to my way of thinking.

See you did whole ring around the rosy thing to prove that you weren’t trying to be insulting while still saying certain people “couldn’t grasp” the intent of your poorly executed sarcasm. 

Still no explanation as to how any of what you originally said could be interpreted as a joke on the internet where you cannot see facial expressions etc. I cannot reblog someone and say something like ” this is incredibly stupid” and expect them to just understand that I was joking. Then follow it up with tags that do nothing to prove I wasn’t intending to be rude. It was never an argument about what you intended to do. And to misread means reading something wrongly which I did not do (so yes that is quite literally talking about reading skills). You want to say I misinterpreted it fine say that.

If I were angry, you would know. The point is that when you reblog someone and make a comment you cannot be mad if they assume it’s aimed at them. You don’t need to conform to my laws of deduction at all especially since these aren’t my laws in the first place. 

You keep using condescending language to tell me you aren’t being condescending and now you’re swearing and carrying on so clearly it is that serious to you. 

I’m not gonna argue with you because I honestly don’t care that much. I simply explained why your humor made no sense without the proper context which you apparently put in a separate post. 


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