Anonymous said: Belle ! What are 10 things you arent here for?

well first

LOL just kidding

Okay 10 things I’m not here for in no particular order

1) Carrots. Listen. Fuck carrots okay. “Oh but they are good for your eyes…” NO. You are 20 years too late get that orange rabbit devil food off my plate sir.

2) The Financial Aid Office. If I were to become a serial killer…lets just leave it at that. For real.

3) When it’s raining and the wind blows the water directly into your face/destroys your gotdamn umbrella that you just payed $10 for (like I could have stayed home this is bullshit)

4) When you miss the bus by a few seconds. Like you see it driving off just as you get to the bus stop. *we could have had it allllllllll*

5) When people ring the doorbell repeatedly knowing damn well I live on the third floor. DO YOU WANT TO DIE BITCH?

6) Soggy bread. C’mon son. Why would you do that?

7) When my laptop gets real hot and burns the shit out of my skin. Why you gotta do me like that I thought we were friends.

8) When the power trips. Then I have to go in that creepy ass basement to flip the circuit breaker or whatever. Like I was trying to blow dry my hair …and now I’m going to get murdered.

9) When I call my mom and she complains that I don’t call her. But I’m calling you right now. Stop.

10) Being poor. I just want to travel everywhere and eat all the food. Why isn’t that free? Why wont you let me live?

Well there you go anon. This will make your entire life I’m sure.

You’re welcome.