Lol at this history section in my American lit book.

“When the settlers arrived with John Smith, many of them were not aware so much work would be involved in maintaining Jamestown. John Smith required that everyone contribute to the communal work, or they would not be given food to eat or have access to any of the other services provided by the settlement. Many of the settlers defected in protest to join the Native Americans. However, they found that many of the tribes operated under the same rules, which caused many of them to return to the settlement due to language barriers and cultural differences.” 

White people have been lazy and bigoted since they got here. 

This is actually true. They just didn’t plant anything because they were fucking lazy. That is the entire story. And then over 80% of them starved to death over the winter. The only recorded instances of cannibalism in the New World were committed by English settlers (NOT the “savages”), who also dug up corpses from their graves to eat them. (Also about 45% of the people they brought were the non-inheriting younger sons of noblemen who did not anticipate doing ANY work at all. Great planning, guys.)

HAHA I remember the first time I read this in middle school. Did the settlers not understand where food came from? LOL idiots.

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